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Growth in the Transport Sector

At Motherload Transport we've been seeing steady growth over our fifteen years of providing freight brokerage services to all of North America. Every few years we increase by another head or two in our Nanaimo-based freight brokerage HQ. But this increase in sales, relationships and logistics specialists isn't unique to us, it's a North America-wide trend, if not global.

The transport industry accounts for about 5% of Canada's gross domestic product and that figure is just under 4% in the US. In Canada, the net operating revenues for trucking companies has grown from half a billion in the mid-90's to three times that in present day. While there has been some tough years in that time period, overall trends show that the industry is in good shape.

It's actually predicted that we may face a shortage of freight carrying capacity in North America in the near future according to various sources including a report from the Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals (CSCMP). It's speculated that aging and retiring commercial drivers, new government regulations and the deterioration of existing fleets might make it difficult to meet the demand for trucking in coming years.

With the continued growth of online sales, overseas manufacturing and just industry in general, there's no doubt that our network of thousands of carriers will have their work cut out for them meeting this ever increasing need to move things from here to there. We're happy to be a part of this giant machine getting things both big and small from coast to coast and between Canadian and US businesses.

Croissance du secteur des transports au Canada