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Women In Trucking

While trucking and transport services has historically been dominated by men, women in trucking are on the rise. This is important for several reasons. First, it shows that women are now entering an industry in which they had previously not been included. Second, it bolsters the strength of the trucking and transport industries, by adding new perspectives, motivated leaders, and a wealth of new drivers.

These trends appear throughout the various statistics on the current state of women in trucking. In both Canada and the United States, the impact and presence of women is growing quickly.

  • The trucking and transport industry in Canada now consists of 27% women.
  • On the driver level, women now make up 5.8% of all American drivers, which is up from 4.6% in just 2010.
  • At the management level, the trucking and transport industry (21.1% women) greatly outpaces similarly male-dominated industries like construction (6.7% women) and architecture/engineering (7.4% women)

All of these numbers represent positive changes in the role of women in the trucking and transport industry. Organizations, like Women In Trucking, are also looking to better track this growth, with initiatives like the WIT Index. Overall, the presence of women in this industry is on the track to equality, where women will reap both the opportunities and rewards of their abilities.